Best neighbourhoods in Toronto for young families

Whether you’re already a proud homeowner or you’re getting ready to become one for the very first time, buying a home to suit the needs of your young family is a milestone moment in any homebuyer’s life.

In the past, you may have purchased a property or chosen to live in a neighbourhood based on factors like proximity to work, your favourite shopping areas, or the best nightlife and entertainment districts. However, buying a home with a view of raising your young family there often alters your list of priorities when it comes to your new home search.

One of the best ways to uncover the perfect home to raise your young family in is to start off by finding the right neighbourhood first. And, being a team of local neighbourhood experts, we knew we could help you out with that. To start you off on the right track, we’ve compiled our list of the best neighbourhoods in Toronto for young families to live in here.


One of the west end’s trendiest neighbourhoods, Roncesvalles (or ‘Roncy,’ as locals lovingly refer to it) is an area that always seems to be at the centre of the action.

Named after the thriving commercial strip of Roncesvalles Avenue — the street which acts as the backbone of this animated neighbourhood — the Roncesvalles ‘village’ offers the perks of convenience and entertainment while also being a very suitable home for young families.

With a variety of different locally-owned and operated small businesses making up the spirited Roncesvalles strip, groceries, home essentials, and regular household supplies are always just a few steps away. And, in terms of schools local to the area, you won’t have to venture very far either. Should you need to get somewhere quickly, public transit routes regularly run along the Roncy strip, making daily commutes for parents or responsible kids a breeze.

Head half a block east or west of Roncesvalles at almost any junction and you’ll hardly believe how quickly this bustling neighbourhood transforms into a quiet and serene residential area. The tree-lined streets featuring large detached and semi-detached single family homes big enough for the largest of families offer the perfect setting for young families to live, play, and grow up in.

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The Junction

Head north along Roncesvalles Avenue until it transitions into the westward curving stretch of Dundas Street West and you’ll soon find yourself in The Junction — another candidate for one of the best neighbourhoods in Toronto for young families.

What was once deemed one of the west ends’ more turbulent ‘up-and-coming’ areas, The Junction is now comfortably considered by many young homeowners as among the most coveted neighbourhoods in the community.

Previously characterized by its industrial and manufacturing history, The Junction is now home to some of Toronto’s most exciting new shops, restaurants, and small businesses, which continue to act as the lifeblood for this budding neighbourhood.

Over time, the warm and welcoming residential community within The Junction has formed around the many flourishing local businesses on Dundas Street West, which similar to Roncesvalles Avenue, is where locals primarily gather to do their day-to-day activities.

That means everything a young family could ever need is kept well within reach for residents of the character-driven old Toronto homes set along the quiet sidestreets of this storied west end neighbourhood.

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Bloor West Village

Sat along Toronto’s westernmost strip of Bloor Street West, the neighbourhood of Bloor West Village has long been celebrated for its unique and welcoming atmosphere. Combining all the conveniences of being set along a burgeoning commercial stretch of Bloor Street West with the warm, neighbourly friendliness from locals you’d expect within a small town, there’s definitely a distinct sensibility to life in BWV.

In fact, the sense of community that living in Bloor West Village provides its residents is perhaps the neighbourhood’s biggest selling point, which is remarkable when you consider the vast array of local businesses and retail outlets within such close proximity.

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Being situated so close to Bloor Street means residents also enjoy the convenience of easy travel. Whether it be by subway, streetcar, bus routes, or personal vehicle, getting around in Bloor West Village is no chore at all. And, with all of the local amenities so close by — schools included — everything feels within arms’ reach here.

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In terms of the local real estate opportunities, the homes within BWV are practically made for family life. Almost all of the surrounding residential streets are geared towards families, with the large detached homes mostly built in the 1920s featuring multiple bedrooms, parking spaces, front and back yards, and inviting porches and entryways.

Safely set away from the busier commercial areas of Bloor West Village, the residential areas act as the ideal setting for young families to grow up in. Iconic west end residential streets like Beresford Avenue, Windermere Avenue, and Willard Avenue will always be in demand among Toronto families, though there are also many more lesser-known streets that offer the same Bloor West Village experience.

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Situated immediately south of Bloor West Village is the equally family-oriented neighbourhood of Swansea. Stretching south of Bloor Street West all the way down to the scenic shores of Lake Ontario, this is one of the city’s largest primarily residential neighbourhoods and is among the best places anywhere in Toronto for family life.

Inner Swansea largely consists of a matrix of winding residential sidestreets featuring many mature trees, plenty of local parks and green spaces, grand heritage Toronto homes, and a plethora of families of varying sizes and ages.

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However, Swansea’s perimeter is just as remarkable. Made up of a few of Toronto’s most magnificent natural amenities, local families regularly take advantage of surrounding parks and green spaces. Living here means you and your family will always be close to places like High Park and neighbouring Grenadier Pond, the Humber River and its complex trail systems, and Sunnyside Park and its beach set along the shores of the Humber Bay.

Whether or not you and your family are outdoorsy-types, Swansea is a community that has a lot to offer in the way of family-friendly living. To learn more about Swansea or any other west end neighbourhood, our team of knowledgeable local real estate professionals is always at your availability. Ask us anything real estate-related by contacting us here today.

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