Roncesvalles Homes

These days, it’s difficult to comprehend that just a decade or so ago, Roncesvalles was considered one of west end Toronto’s seedier, less desirable neighbourhoods to live in. Today, Roncesvalles homes are among the most coveted properties anywhere in Toronto as the neighbourhood has seen rapid development and investment.

What was once just a short strip of essential retail establishments along Roncesvalles Avenue has turned into an entire neighbourhood of various thriving businesses and storefronts. What hasn’t changed much, however, is the beautiful collection of large, heritage-driven Roncesvalles homes.

While they differ in size, price, and condition, almost all Roncesvalles homes are filled with character and old-world charm, which is one of the features we love most about this fantastic west end neighbourhood. To learn all about Roncesvalles homes and why we’re so excited about them, our guide below is here to help.

The Location

Away from Roncy’s main commercial strip that is Roncesvalles Avenue, this west end neighbourhood is dominated by residential buildings. From its southernmost borders along Queen Street West to its northern boundaries along Bloor Street West, there are numerous east-west and north-south running residential sidestreets in the Roncesvalles Village.

Most Roncesvalles homes are quietly tucked away on quaint, tree-lined residential streets that promote community interaction, privacy, and family-friendly living. The best part is, however, that all of them are well within walking distance to the various local amenities. From groceries to schools to public parks and transportation, Roncesvalles homes are perfectly located for everyday life.

The Architecture

Almost all of Roncesvalles’ homes were originally constructed around the turn of the century, which means most of the homes here are classic Victorian and Edwardian century houses.

These beautiful heritage-filled wood and brick structures are characterized by lots of common architectural features, including style cues like original wood trim, stained glass windows, and functional fireplaces. In terms of curb appeal, you can expect to see charming pitched roofs, statement turrets, and many large front porches perfect for enjoying morning coffees or afternoon cocktails.

The Size

When it comes to size, Roncesvalles’ homes are generally quite large. Almost all of the original structures are grand, multi-storey homes on generous lot sizes, whether they’re attached, semi-detached, or fully detached properties.

The large lots most Roncesvalles homes are built on often include long front lawns and spacious backyards, with many backing onto shared laneways and alleyways designed for car parking or common foot traffic, and tend to be popular places for community hangouts in the warmer months.

The Layout

While the layout of Roncesvalles homes can vary, most traditionally built Victorian or Edwardian-style homes feature a similar floor plan. Living and dining rooms populate the first floor, with two to three spacious bedrooms found upstairs. Depending on how many storeys a particular Roncesvalles home may have, it’s common to find a master suite on the third floor, complete with a master bathroom and potentially a walk-in closet. Most utilities are kept below ground level in the basement, which can also feature additional storage and sleeping space.

Although many Roncesvalles homes were converted into separate multi-unit dwellings to appeal to the renter demographic around the 1950s and ‘60s, lots of these previously compartmentalized units have been recently re-adjoined by new owners who purchase the entire homes.

Are you interested in learning more about Roncesvalles homes and what’s currently available for sale? Our team of west end Toronto real estate professionals know the Roncesvalles real estate market inside and out and can help you find the perfect home in Roncesvalles for you. Simply contact us here to start your dream home search today.


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