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We are able to show you 25% more homes than anyone else through our exclusive listings. You’ll get the first look before they hit the market and the bidding wars begin.

A Better Buying Experience

At Sidorova Inwood, our knowledgeable and experienced team of real estate professionals have helped countless clients buy their dream houses in Toronto.

What is the secret to our success? We listen to you!

While our streamlined home buying process is built to facilitate an easy, stress-free purchasing experience for you, we know that every clients’ home buying journey is unique.

Depending on what your individual homeownership goals are, our team will develop a successful home buying experience tailored exactly to your needs and wants. This starts with a comprehensive one-on-one personal home buying consultation.

"My experience with The Sidorova Inwood team was phenomenal. Not only did they help my partner and I find the home we were looking for, but they aided us in navigating this process with the added complications that doing so during a pandemic brought... I can't recommend the team enough!"
Phil Moniz

Our Proven Process

When it comes to buying homes, we don’t want to simply help you move into the house of your dreams. We also want to show you just how much fun the process can be.

Whether we meet face-to-face or online, our initial home-buying consultation will be all about you — from your budget, lifestyle, and desired location, we’ll take this opportunity to really get to know who you are and what you’re looking for.

Once our first consultation is completed, our team will have all of the necessary information to help you find the perfect home and we will begin to strategize your personal home buying journey.

We Know Your Neighbourhood

We not only help clients buy and sell homes in Toronto’s west end, we live and work here too.

Between Bloor West Village, High Park, Roncesvalles, Swansea, The Junction, Old Mill and our other communities of expertise, we have thorough knowledge across all of Toronto’s west end neighbourhoods.

Whether you know where you want to start your home search or need some advice from our team, you can depend on us to find the ideal west end neighbourhood for you.

Market Mastery

The Sidorova Inwood Team has over three decades of real estate experience, working with clients across Toronto’s west end.

Combined with our city-wide network of trusted Realtor connections, this means we are always up-to-speed on the latest market trends and developments, as well as having access to each neighbourhoods agent open houses. Our team also has access to BrokerBay, the largest exclusive listing network with homes you won’t find anywhere else.

We also do extensive comprehensive market research — we personally preview all new listings in your preferred neighbourhood and send you videos of listings. Our team is always up-to-speed on recent market data. By analyzing historic market data and comparable neighbourhood listings, we can determine realistic purchase prices and market bubbles to ensure that you don’t spend a penny more than you have to.

And, because of our neighbourhood and market expertise, we know when and where the great deals can be found and when it’s best to stay away from an undesirable property.

Our Team Goes The Extra Mile

From door knocking and cold calling, to personalized letters dropped off to potential sellers in your preferred neighbourhood, our team will always take the proactive approach to finding your perfect home.

See New Listings First

Be among the first to see the city’s most exciting new listings by having them sent directly to your inbox. All you need to do is show us where to send them.

Trained Negotiators

Once we’ve helped you find your dream home in the west end, you can leave it up to us to get it for you.

Our skilled team of real estate professionals are also well-trained negotiators and have extensive experience negotiating on behalf of our clients.

We know exactly what is necessary when it comes to planning your approach to an offer and our experienced, knowledgable team is always prepared to be in your corner and get you the best deal possible for your dream home.

“When we finally did find our dream home we knew we were in great hands with Michael negotiating on our behalf, he definitely put our minds at ease. The entire process was so professional and not as scary as I was anticipating. We couldn't have done this without him! We highly recommend this team and can't thank Michael enough!”
Amanda N.

Our Trusted Network

As Realtors®, we see value in almost every investment — even if a house isn’t quite up to scratch yet.

Some of the best houses just need a little TLC. When we help you buy a house in Toronto that needs some work, we can also introduce you to our trusted network of industry professionals who will get your job done properly and on time.

When you work with us, you also gain full access to our list of connections that include:

  • Home Inspectors
  • Real Estate Lawyers
  • Title Companies
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Moving Companies
  • General Contractors
  • Handymen
  • Plumbers
  • Landscapers
  • And many more…

The End Result

Even after we’ve helped you land your dream home in Toronto, we’ll still be right there next to you.

The post-purchase stage is all about helping you transition into your new home as quickly and smoothly as we can, which generally includes a few steps.

Before you move, we will advise you on all of the small details you will need to go over:

  • Home Inspectors
  • Movers
  • Home Utility Companies
  • Telephone, Cable TV, and Internet Providers

And after you move, we will put you in touch with:

  • The Post Office
  • Home and Delivery Services
  • Banks and Credit Card Companies
  • Health and Medical Clinics

We have helped many clients successfully move into their new homes. We know the issues that may arise and we are always here to help you work through them. 

Have Questions About Buying?

We have answers! Explore our Buyer’s FAQ to learn more.

A buyer representation agreement is a document that you — the buyer — must sign stating that you’ve given your consent to a brokerage (which includes the broker and agent) to work on your legal behalf when purchasing a home. While this might sound serious, all it essentially does is grant permission to your buying agent and their brokerage to act in your best interests throughout a transaction.

While mortgage pre-approvals aren’t strictly essential when buying a home, they make the process much more efficient and easier for all parties involved — including yourself.

Knowing exactly what your new home budget is before looking through listings means avoiding any potential heartbreak down the line if you fall in love with a home outside your budget. Additionally, waiting to get a mortgage approval before submitting an offer for a home opens the door for a more prepared buyer to swoop in and win the listing while you’re still waiting for your approval.

Terms and conditions are legal stipulations included in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale contract, which effectively outlines the details of your new home purchase.

These terms and conditions vary between each transaction, but typically include things like the home must undergo a final inspection before the deal is complete, or the deal hinges on the completion of a specific home improvement project.

If the terms and conditions outlined in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale contract aren’t met within a specified timeframe, then the deal is considered null and void and the contract expires.

When sellers set what’s known as an Offer Date — the first date in which they’ll review and accept bids for their listing — they typically do so in order to create competition between buyers (and ultimately foster a bidding war).

If you’re very eager to buy the home and want to sidestep the competitive negotiating process, then submitting a ‘bully offer’ ahead of the specified Offer Date will mean your offer jumps to the front of the line and will be seen by the sellers first.

This can risk offending the sellers and hurting your chances of winning the home. Conversely, a sizeable offer that looks too appealing to pass up can motivate the seller to choose your offer immediately. Whether you should submit a bully offer or not comes down to your choice and the guidance and best advice of your real estate agent.

A deposit is the first form of payment you as the buyer submits to the seller when your offer for their home has been accepted. This acts as a security blanket for the seller signifying you’ll be held accountable for upholding the terms and conditions stated in your Agreement of Purchase and Sale before a firm closing is reached.

A down payment is the total amount of money you submit to the seller once a firm closing is reached. This usually accounts for about 20% of the total value of the purchase price, or ideally as much of the overall purchase price as possible.

When buying a home, it’s ideal to use a real estate agent with expertise in your target neighbourhoods. For starters, a neighbourhood expert’s in-depth knowledge about your target neighbourhoods and their up-to-date housing data and statistics will guide your approach to submitting offers and negotiating with sellers.

Additionally, an agent with neighbourhood expertise will also have extensive connections within your target neighbourhoods, which can mean they’ll be able to show you exclusive listings that either haven’t hit the market yet or won’t ever get publicly listed. Plus, a neighbourhood expert will also ​​be able to give you advanced notice about potential upcoming listings or advise you to steer clear from certain areas or homes with a history of issues within your target neighbourhoods.

Ready To Start Your Search?

From beginning to end, our turn-key home buying process makes buying a home in Toronto as easy and pain-free as possible. See how we can help you start your next home buying journey today.