We know the neighbourhood best

When you work with The Sidorova Inwood Team, it’s not just about selling your home… It’s about selling the dream of being in your neighbourhood and all it has to offer.

Client First, At Every Step

Bottom-line results deeply matter to our team — however, we’re happiest when you are.

From day one, our team of experienced agents have a thorough understanding of who you are and what you are looking for. Once we understand your home selling objectives, we’re well-positioned to help you make your real estate experience with us as easy as possible.

Through constant, comprehensive communication and genuine relationship building, we make every step of your journey smooth.

Outstanding client service is always our first priority, but we also know that our clients are happiest when we help them sell their homes quickly and for the highest price possible.

“[Sidorova Inwood] has assembled a very impressive team of efficient co-workers; making the process much less stressful than I had anticipated. Everything was managed beautifully and I was able to accept an offer far above what I had expected. I have engaged in a considerable number of real estate deals over the years, and I can honestly state that this was the best experience I have had.”

Our Neighbourhood Knowledge

At Sidorova Inwood, we live and breathe Toronto’s west end — literally. Our team not only works in these neighbourhoods, we live and play here too.

From Bloor West Village to Baby Point, we have decades of combined community involvement and have built up a trustworthy local reputation.

If you want to sell your home in the west end, our specialized knowledge of the local micro-markets means we know exactly how to get the best results out of your sale.

Getting Started

The journey to selling your Toronto home starts with our initial conversation. Whether we speak face-to-face or digitally, it’s important we get to know each other.

During our hour-long initial conversation, we will share our mutual home selling targets and give you a clear idea of what you can expect from working with us.

By the end of our chat, we should have you feeling relaxed, assured, and excited about selling your home.

Transforming Your Home

Once we’ve gotten familiar with you and your home selling objectives, it’s time to get to know your property.

At this stage, we focus on making your home look and show its absolute best in order to attract as many potential buyers as possible.

This typically includes steps like professional cleaning, staging, photography, and videography — all of which are planned to make your home look its most appealing, both in-person and online.

“I am very grateful to Tanya and Michael for selling my home in just one week. They delivered on all their promises.”

Pricing To Perfection

The key to a successful home sale is entering the market with an effective pricing strategy.

If you go in too low, the quality of bids goes down while the quantity becomes hard to manage. If you go in too high, you risk your home sitting on the market for months

That’s why we always do an extensive home evaluation before planning your pricing strategy. This process consists of a thorough comparative market analysis which includes recent prices for similar homes in your area. In addition, we also provide a pre-home inspection to identify any potential repairs needed ahead of listing.

We also rely on our in-depth knowledge of your home’s local micro-market to help us get a reading on how and when to list your home for sale.

Once your home starts to attract buyers, our effective pricing strategy will act as the perfect jumping-off point for driving successful negotiations.

Wondering What Your Neighbour's Home Sold For?

Get official real estate stats and data from their recent sale to learn more about how their homes performed in today’s market. Simply sign up for our Sold Data tool to get access.

Want To Know What Your Home Is Worth?

Getting a professional home evaluation is the best way to determine what your property’s current market value is. Find out what your home is worth today.

Innovation Is Our Middle Name

When you have been at the top of your game for as long as we have, it is very easy to keep relying on a selling process that’s worked for years.

That’s not the approach we take.

Our team relies on constant innovation to bring the latest, state-of-the-art home selling technology and practices to our clients. We don’t do it to keep up with the industry, we do it to stay steps ahead of them.

In order to get maximum exposure and the highest price possible for your home, we use custom marketing that includes:

  • E-Blast Campaigns
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Internal Website Listings
  • Mail Distribution of 20,000+ Flyers
  • Ads in the “Curb Appeal” Publication
  • Video/Virtual Walkthroughs and Tours

The End Result

We will not walk away once we have helped you successfully sell your home. We know the post-sale process is just as important to your client experience as any other step.

After your ‘For Sale’ sign reads ‘Sold,’ we’ll help you transition into your new home as quickly and comfortably as possible.

There is no stage in your post-sale experience that we haven’t already considered, including:

  • Connecting you with our trusted moving companies,
  • Notifying your telephone, cable TV, and Internet service providers about your move,
  • Contacting your new utility companies,
  • And much, much more…

Have Questions About Selling?

We have answers! Explore our Seller’s FAQ to learn more.

Yes — if you want to sell your home with the help of a real estate agent, signing a listing agreement is part of the legal process. While signing anything upfront can feel intimidating, all a listing agreement does is signify a contract between you, the seller, and a real estate broker.

In signing the agreement, the broker is now allowed to legally represent you while also making a legal commitment to act in your best interest throughout your sale. Not so bad after all, hey?

The length of time it takes to sell a home depends on a few different factors. First, it depends on the current condition of your home’s local market. Second, it depends on the profile of the home you’re selling.

Generally speaking, homes listed in competitive seller’s markets tend to sell within a few days. If it’s a less competitive buyer’s market, it could take up to a few weeks. On top of that, more exclusive luxury homes with list prices in the high seven-figure or eight-figure range typically take more time to sell as their niche buyer market is smaller.

Multiple offer situations typically occur when selling in a competitive seller’s market, when demand for homes outweighs supply. This type of market can be very lucrative for sellers as bidding wars for a listing tend to drive sales prices higher.

However, it’s essential to have an agent experienced in navigating hectic multiple offer situations to help guide you through the process and successfully negotiate with many eager buyers at once.

Statistics show that on average, not only do staged listings sell for more money, they also sell quicker too. The idea behind professionally staging a listing is to create a neutral in-home experience that appeals to the widest range of buyers. That way, no matter who comes to see your home, they feel comfortable, at ease, and inspired about potentially living there in the future.

When selling a home, it’s ideal to use a real estate agent with expertise in your home’s neighbourhood.

Why? For starters, a neighbourhood expert will be able to give you better, more in-depth local market advice when pricing, negotiating, and timing the launch of your listing.

In addition, an agent with neighbourhood expertise will also have a long list of connections to local buyers, buyer’s agents, and members of the community who can help spread the word of your listing through organic channels that most marketing practices can’t reach.

Ready For Your Stress-Free Sale?

We focus every detail of our modern home selling process around making your sale as simple and stress-free as possible. All you need to do is ask us for our help.