Bloor West Village Real Estate

As west end Toronto real estate experts, one topic our team consistently receives questions about is the ever-popular Bloor West Village real estate market. Ever since this community first amalgamated with the City of Toronto at the start of the 20th century, Torontonians have been drawn to this picturesque west end community, and for good reason.

With an abundance of local amenities, a rich cultural heritage, and close access to some of Toronto’s most beautiful outdoor green spaces, real estate in Bloor West Village has continued to steadily increase in both value and desirability over recent years.

If you’re interested in finding out exactly why Bloor West Village real estate has become so highly sought-after, read our ultimate BWV real estate guide below to get our industry insight.

The Location

As the name suggests, this west end Toronto neighbourhood was formed along Bloor Street — more specifically, the strip of Bloor Street West located between the South Kingsway and Ellis Park Road.

With an enormous selection of local shops and amenities including boutiques, restaurants, cafes, specialty grocers, and so much more, residents of Bloor West Village are almost always just a short walk away from whatever they need.

The Streets

While there are a few residences located along Bloor Street West, which primarily consist of condo or apartment units, most of the neighbourhood’s homes are found either north or south of the Bloor Street strip.

Some of the more well-known residential streets in Bloor West Village include Windermere Avenue, Willard Avenue, and Beresford Avenue — just to name a few. Tree-lined residential sidestreets like these in BWV are celebrated for their safe, family-friendly atmosphere while also being within walking distance of the neighbourhood’s main shopping areas.

The Architecture

When it comes to Bloor West Village real estate, the area is largely dominated by one style of architecture in particular. As most of the homes here were built within a short span of time in the early 20th century, most of them were constructed in the same style. Expect large, two-storey, detached Craftsman-style homes to populate the quiet tree-lined residential streets of BWV.

With common features like large front porches, handcrafted oak detailing, rich hardwood flooring, and statement fireplaces, there’s a lot to be admired about Bloor West Village real estate.

The Neighbours

Spend just a few minutes walking along the beautiful shopping strip of Bloor West Village and you’ll be sure to see two things almost instantly; smiles and families. This wholesome community gives off major family-friendly vibes and is warm and welcoming to all.

A huge number of families of all ages call Bloor West Village home, living primarily on those coveted quiet sidestreets. Within the main shopping district, that wholesome community feeling continues, as shop and business owners almost always have a smile on their face as well.

The Condos

As far as condo buildings go, Bloor West Village doesn’t tend to have too many options. The architectural features of the area have been intentionally kept to maintain a stylistically low-rise skyline, which contributes to the overall small-town community feel of the area.

However, there are condo buildings available very close to Bloor West Village, primarily located around the High Park and Old Mill neighbourhoods.

Do you want to join in on the fun and live in the wonderful west end neighbourhood of Bloor West Village? Our team are BWV real estate experts and can help you find the perfect place. Simply contact us here to start your search.


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