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These days, the term ‘full-service agent’ is used very regularly in the real estate industry. The reason being that it’s quite open-ended. There are no set definitions of what a ‘full-service’ Realtor® or real estate agent should (or actually does) do for their clients, which is why it’s become somewhat of a buzzword of late.

However, it’s clear to see that some agents are more ‘full-service’ than others, offering value-added services for their clients during and outside of transactions without expensive extra costs.

While we aren’t about to start pointing any fingers, we definitely do believe that the true full-service Realtors® deserve their credit for making the lives of their clients that much easier. With that said, here are four reasons why you should hire a full-service real estate agent.

Less Stress

No matter if you’re buying, selling, or investing in a property, a true full-service real estate agent will be there to guide you through every step of the transaction, while also staying available for you even after it’s completed.

From beginning to end, you can rely on a full-service real estate agent’s experience and best judgement to help you through difficult and often stressful situations, like dealing with negotiations, multiple offer scenarios, organizing home showings, and more.

True full-service Realtors® know that buying or selling a home isn’t your full-time job, it’s theirs. That’s why they always go out of their way to help mitigate the challenges of your real estate transaction and make the entire process less stressful.

In fact, it’s not unheard of in our industry to see ambitious young Realtors® running private errands for their clients to ensure deals are completed on time, though that goes well and truly beyond the call of duty (and certainly isn’t in the job description).

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Lower Fees

Whether they’re buying agents, listings agents, or any other type of agent, most Realtors® provide their professional services to clients starting at a base minimum fee. No matter if their client is buying, selling, or investing, these entry-level real estate packages often include just enough to see a transaction through from beginning to end, offering little-to-no additional complimentary services.

Unfortunately in these cases, should the clients of those non-full-service agents want any additional services — things like staging, professional photography, marketing plans, and more — they’re typically required to pay for them separately.

While there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with this approach, especially seeing as these extra services aren’t necessarily always essential, it’s certainly not the approach a true full-service Realtors® would take.

Want to find the perfect home for your lifestyle without overpaying? Hiring a full-service Realtor® is your best bet. To ensure you find the right one, use these 5 Tips For Interviewing An Agent To Help You Buy A Home.

More often than not, real full-service Realtors® are happy to absorb any additional costs of enriching periphery services for a few reasons. For starters, facilitating these extra services at a high-quality level shows that these Realtors® take pride in their profession, offering a high-quality product they’re proud of each and every time. Secondly, it results in a quicker, smoother, and less stressful overall experience for their clients. Lastly, it ends up being much cheaper for their clients.

By side-stepping the costs of outsourcing third-party professionals to conduct these value-added services in favour of hiring an internal team or trusted service provider, any necessary home services usually end up costing a fraction of the price. Therefore, it can actually save money to hire a full-service Realtor® that always includes these value-added services in their process.

As a team of true full-service Realtors®, we take enormous pride in the experiences we provide our clients. Learn more about how our buying and selling processes can help you achieve your real estate goals by reading about what we offer here.

A Smoother Transaction

As noted above, working with a full-service Realtor® typically results in a much smoother transaction for clients as there are far fewer moving parts for clients to have to worry about.

Let’s take selling, for example. As the client, if you were tasked with sourcing and hiring professional cleaners, movers, stagers, photographers, and videographers, while also facilitating any necessary pre-listing home improvements all on your own, selling your home would end up feeling overwhelming, to say the least.

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On the flip side, full-service Realtors® will do everything they can to mitigate challenges like these for their clients, which is why they coordinate and handle all of the moving parts for you. This always results in a much smoother transaction for their clients, one where clients don’t have to worry about home service professionals showing up at the right time or making any mistakes due to miscommunications.

Want to know more about what a true full-service selling experience looks like? Use our full-service selling process as a reference for what you should expect from your next sale:

Better Results

At the end of the day, what really makes the difference between full-service Realtors® and the rest is down to tangible results. It’s all well and good to boast fancy additional services, a smoother experience, and lower costs, but in the world of real estate what really matters is the end result. And the good thing is, that’s pretty easy to quantify.

More often than not, full-service Realtors® end up reaching and exceeding their clients’ real estate targets. Selling clients usually sell their homes quickly and earn higher profits while buying clients secure fantastic homes without overpaying — each a result of the full-service experience.

The proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes. Read all about the tangible results we’ve earned for many of our previous clients by visiting our reviews and testimonials page here!

Why? Full-service Realtors’® end-to-end product is more efficient, pays greater attention to detail, offers a higher standard of service, and results in a more pleasurable experience for everyone involved in a real estate transaction — including the other team.

To find out more about what it’s like to get the true full-service real estate experience, our qualified team of full-service Realtors® are always willing to chat. Whether you’re ready to start your next real estate journey or just want to get a better idea of what we offer, simply contact us here to set up a casual conversation.


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