What To Do After You Sell Your Home

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Congratulations, you have sold your house – but the process isn’t over just yet. Our team will help you transition to your new home with confidence and ease.

Whether you’re upgrading from a rental or downsizing for retirement; our checklist covers all the bases.


  • Arrange for a lawyer – if you don’t already have a lawyer, we can recommend one.
  • Book your movers – get estimates ahead of time.
  • Make arrangements to move special items such as plants and pets.
  • Call all utility companies (gas, electric, water, oil) to arrange final meter readings and billing.
  • If your water heater is rented, arrange for transfer of the rental agreement to the new owners.
  • If you heat with oil, call to arrange a date for your oil supplier to fill the tank.
  • Call your telephone, cable TV and Internet providers to arrange a change of service location or to cancel services.
  • Call any other service providers to advise them of your new address or to cancel services


  • Get a supply of boxes for moving. Label the packed boxes with the new room destinations.
  • Make arrangements with utility companies for the connection of services at your new home.
  • Get “Change of Address” cards from the post office. Mail them out 4 weeks before you move.
  • Arrange for the post office to forward your mail to the new address.
  • Inform home and delivery services (dry cleaners, diaper service, newspapers, magazines, gardening, etc.) of your move.
  • Transfer bank accounts (if necessary). Obtain a letter of introduction from your current bank to present at the new institution to help set up/establish new accounts.
  • Inform credit card companies and other creditors of your new address and move date.
  • If you change your bank, make arrangements for pre-authorized payments to come out of the new account.
  • Cancel or transfer memberships (social, athletic, civic, religious, or business).
  • If necessary, arrange for the transfer of medical, dental, prescription and optical records. This can also be done later if you choose a new provider after you move.
  • Consider how you will dispose of unwanted items such as furniture, games, clothes, etc. A garage sale or donations to a local charity are both good options.
  • Collect items such as dry cleaning, clothing, shoe repair, or items from storage.
  • Safely dispose of, or arrange for the transfer of, all flammable liquids. It is illegal for movers to carry them.
  • Change the address on your legal documents such as driver’s license, health card, etc.
  • Arrange for access to keys to the new house.
  • Leave your address for the new occupants of your home so they can forward any mail they receive.

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