The Junction: Announcing Our Team’s Two New Events!

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Off the back of our fun and hugely successful ShopWestTO2Win competition that took place earlier this autumn in September and October, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of two new events our team at Sidorova Inwood is proud to sponsor this year!

Both of our new events are based exclusively in one of our favourite west end Toronto neighbourhoods, The Junction, and are both running at the exact same time.

If you’ve followed some of our recent events, you’ll be familiar with our upcoming Shop2Win Competition, with this new edition being held exclusively within The Junction area. The second event, Window Wonderland, will follow a slightly new format.

To learn a little bit more about our exciting new Junction-based events, here’s what you need to know:

Announcing ShopTheJunction2Win!

Just like our previous Shop2Win contest, our new ShopTheJunction2Win competition has been designed to help give back to one of our favourite local west end communities, The Junction, by encouraging pro-local shopping at small businesses within the neighbourhood.

This new competition largely follows the same rules — between November 26, 2021 and January 2, 2022, we’re rewarding shoppers just like you for choosing to shop at local small businesses within The Junction with entries into the ShopTheJunction2Win contest.

Each time you spend $25 or more at a small business located in The Junction, you’ll receive one entry to win our weekly cash prizes. The same rules apply for each Google review you write for a small business in The Junction — you’ll earn one entry to win a weekly prize.

Want a refresher on how our previous Shop2Win contest went? Find out in our wrap-up blog post, Our ShopWestTO2Win Contest Results Are In!

How To Play

Whether you shop at a small business in The Junction or submit a Google review for one, all you need to do to redeem your entry is upload a photo of your receipt, third-party delivery app receipt, or Google review to the official ShopTheJunction2Win competition website at

Once you’ve submitted proof of your valid competition entry, you’ll be automatically registered for our weekly draw. Just remember, you may enter the competition an unlimited number of times per week, but can only submit one entry per day for an individual business.

By limiting our entries to one individual business per day (per entrant, of course) we’re encouraging you to explore and support many different businesses located in The Junction instead of just the same few.

The Junction truly is one of the best neighbourhoods anywhere in Toronto — not just in the west end! Find out why we love it here so much by reading our neighbourhood guides about The Junction here:

What Can You Win?

If your lucky competition entry ends up being a winning ballot, then you’re in for some major cash prizes! And, with a grand total of six chances to win throughout the duration of the contest, you’ll have every reason to keep on shopping to win.

Here’s how the prizes work:

  • There are five weekly draws worth $1,000 each
  • Winners of these weekly draws will receive $500 for themselves with the other $500 going to the local Junction-based business they supported (via shopping or Google review)
  • At the end of the competition, there will be one Grand Prize worth $1,500 — this will all go to the individual winner alone

In order to qualify for the Grand Prize, however, you must have entered at least three out of the five competition weeks. If you do so, you’ll be automatically entered into the draw for the Grand Prize.

So… Don’t just shop — shop to win!

ShopJunction2Win Prize Info

P.S. — as per usual, we’ll be announcing all competition updates and winner announcements on our social media channels, so make sure you’re following us there to stay updated!

Do you find yourself heading back to The Junction pretty often? Maybe it’s time to make your stay a little bit longer this time. Have a look through Our Featured Listings page to see if a home for sale in the neighbourhood is waiting to welcome you home.

Window Wonderland Banner

Announcing Window Wonderland!

We’re also extremely excited to announce our sponsorship with Window Wonderland, an interactive augmented reality (AR) art exhibition that’s the first of its kind in Toronto!

Through the magical powers of AR technology, Window Wonderland will grant you and everyone who visits The Junction the ability to watch winter-inspired artwork come to life — figuratively, of course.

Presented in collaboration with ARTivive, an internationally-renowned AR app, The Junction’s outdoor art gallery featuring 20 unique augmented reality (AR) installations by 40 local and international artists will be available for public viewing this winter.

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How To View The ARt

If you’d like to see and experience the Window Wonderland art installations this winter, stop by a select number of participating businesses in The Junction with your smartphone and get ready to see the works enter augmented reality.

Visitors of The Junction’s Window Wonderland can see view the artists’ creations in AR by simply pointing their phone cameras at the large-scale artwork displayed on the storefront windows.

The participating Junction-based businesses are listed online on the official Window Wonderland 2021 website here. So, to see how both local and international artists have reinterpreted our very own west end neighbourhood, The Junction, visit the area between November 26, 2021, and January 2, 2022.

Have any further questions about our two sponsored events or anything else real estate-related? Simply Contact Us here to ask us directly!