5 Home Staging Tips to Make Your Listing Look Like a Model Home

In the real estate industry, spring always marks the start of a perpetually-popular selling season. Considering 2020’s super-hot selling market has carried over into the start of this year, however, we’re expecting spring 2021 to be especially busy.Here are some home staging tips to consider…

With February coming to a close and warmer weather right around the corner, you can be sure there are plenty of Toronto homeowners looking to list their properties on the market. No matter how in-demand homes are though, making sure yours is properly prepared before putting up your For Sale sign is essential to a successful sale.

Staging is a crucial part of the home selling process, and whether you use a professional stager or try to tackle the task yourself, there are a few perennial home staging tips you should be following ahead of your sale.

To ensure your home stands out from the crowd and looks its best in front of potential buyers, read about some of our most effective home staging tips below that will have your property looking like a model home in no time.

Clutter and Clean

When it comes to home staging tips, cleaning and decluttering your home is definitely a non-negotiable one. The most successful home staging projects work off of a nearly blank canvas, which means some serious spring cleaning is required.

Begin with a mass clearance of any periphery and unnecessary items in your home — think books, magazines, electronics, knick-knacks, or kitchen gadgets. Once you’re down to just the furniture, make sure everything is immaculately cleaned. If you’re working with us however, you won’t need to worry about this as we will take care of the professional cleaning for you.

From your windows, walls, and floors to all of your surfaces, drawers, and cupboards, everything needs to look good-as-new both on-camera and in-person for buyers to feel comfortable in your home.

Personality Check

This is the home staging tip where things get a little more personal. No matter how great you believe your home decor skills are or how refined your design sense is, once you’ve cleaned and decluttered your home it’s time to show your style sense the door too.

While your house might look perfectly-styled to you, you always want buyers to be able to focus on imagining themselves living in your home and not be distracted by items they might not like. That means removing any personal items like artwork, family photographs, or statement furniture pieces so that your home is as neutral a space as possible.

Painting a Picture

Now that your home is down to its bare bones, it’s the optimal opportunity to give your home a fresh new coat of paint. With most of your things out of the way and the artwork off the walls, a thorough paint job will rejuvenate your home’s interior and have it looking bright and brand new once again.

Bonus home staging tip: While we always tend to gravitate towards warm, neutral colours when painting a home’s interior, sometimes we find that certain spaces can greatly benefit from an accent wall here or there. By painting a far wall a darker colour than its surrounding walls, you can create the illusion of depth in a room, which can be very useful for smaller spaces.

In With the New

After the paint has dried and your home looks as neutral as possible, it’s time to get creative. By this time, any experienced real estate team assisting you with your home sale should’ve provided you with a full, data-driven marketing strategy. This includes identifying the exact buyer demographic you should be targeting your home to and then catering your home staging project to align with their lifestyles.

Once you have targeted the specific buyer demographic that will earn you the best sale price for your home, you can start implementing new pieces of furniture and decor that will make them feel excited about your home. One fundamental home staging tip is to use space-appropriate furniture, which is especially useful during in-person home showings.

Not only can space-appropriate furniture make your home look larger, but it will help direct traffic flow to help your home feel easy to walk around and live in. You certainly don’t want potential buyers to feel cramped or impeded when trying to navigate around your home.

Are you planning on listing your home on the market ahead of this year’s spring selling season? Our experienced team of real estate professionals has helped countless clients successfully sell their Toronto homes. For more home staging tips, strategic marketing advice, and everything in between, learn more about how we can help you sell your home by contacting us here today.


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