Every seller wants to get the best price possible for their home, but many are unsure whether their preparations should include staging. If you fall into this camp, you may be skeptical about the difference that paint, furniture, and decor can make. The good news is, taking a bit of extra time to stage your property can make it far more attractive in the eyes of buyers—and pave the way to an incredibly successful sale.

Here are five reasons to consider staging your home before putting it on the market…

1) It highlights your home’s best features

When it comes to the look and feel of a home, we all have our preferences. That said, some stylistic decisions have wider appeal than others. It’s part of a professional stager’s job to recognize home features that have a near-universal allure—and call attention to them. Whether it’s your open-concept layout or the gorgeous natural light in your kitchen, the greatest assets of your living space should be highlighted with the right design choices.

2) It helps buyers imagine your home as theirs

A great staging job will go beyond upping the style quotient of your property to make buyers feel truly at home. It’s about helping people envision how they’ll use your space—and how they’ll make it their own. There are many steps a professional stager can take to achieve this goal, from choosing a calming colour palette to opting for cozy decor. Just make sure you avoid strong fragrances—contrary to popular belief, air fresheners and potpourri are a no-no.

3) It appeals to your ideal buyer

When it comes to creating an aesthetic that makes the right impression, it’s important to know who your most likely buyer is. If you’re putting a cozy-yet-spacious house on the market, you’ll probably want to target families with your home preparations and marketing efforts. Not so if you’re selling a sleek, one-bedroom condo. Staging with your ideal buyer in mind can help you maximize your home’s appeal amongst the people who are most likely to see it as their dream property.

4) It expands your pool of buyers

While you want your staging efforts to be targeted towards the right people, you also want to avoid alienating potential buyers. In addition to opting for a simple, modern aesthetic, de-personalizing your space is key. Start by getting rid of clutter—and stowing away any large items that don’t contribute to the overall aesthetic you’re creating. Next up, pack away any belongings that call attention to you and your family. This includes photographs of loved ones, personal mementos, and items with religious significance.

5) It can lead to a quicker, more profitable sale

Studies reveal what agents already know: staging can have some really big benefits. In 2016, the Real Estate Staging Association found that staged homes across the continent spent 90 per cent less time on the market than their unstaged counterparts. Creating a beautiful interior environment can also generate more interest in your living space—and that can mean a significantly higher sale price!

The advantages of staging are clear, but you can only enjoy them if the job is done right. Ideally, you want your space to be homey yet sophisticated. You want it to appeal to as many home hunters as possible, while making your most likely buyer feel like it was tailor-made for them. It’s a fine line, but a professional stager (or a real estate team with in-housing staging expertise) will know exactly how to walk it!

Getting ready to sell your home? Get in touch—we know what buyers are looking for, and we can help you get your home in tip-top shape!


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