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Fall is coming to an end, and winter is on its way. If you’re like many Torontonians, you’re probably looking forward to getting cozy with a cup of tea or hot chocolate. That said, the coldest months aren’t all rosy. Winter also means plenty of ice, snow, and cold temperatures—all of which can damage your home. Fortunately, by taking a few winter-proofing steps to prepare, you can help ensure that your house gets through the season unscathed!

If you’re a homeowner, here are a few tips for protecting your property this winter…

Winterize your outdoor faucets

We all take our plumbing for granted—until a nasty surprise pops up in the form of a burst pipe. Winterizing your outdoor faucets can help you avoid this outcome, and the expenses that come along with it. Before the deep freeze sets in, disconnect your hoses. You should also drain your outdoor faucets, and consider purchasing covers for them to avoid cold-weather damage.

Prepare your windows

To avoid the winter chills, repair any drafty windows in your home. Start by checking for gaps. If you find any around the frames, you can seal them up using weatherstripping or foam insulation. To keep more of your heat indoors, you may also want to buy some window covers. You’ll find kits for performing this task at your local home improvement store.

Have your furnace serviced

Your furnace can only do its job if it’s well-maintained. That means regular inspections and tune-ups. Once a year is ideal, so get ready to call an expert if it’s been a while! Of course, the benefits of servicing your furnace go beyond a warm home. An efficient HVAC system can also mean lower energy bills—and more money in your pocket.


Before the temperature drops, assess how well insulated your home is. A lot of heat can be lost through your attic, so check to ensure that yours is winter-ready. Any exposed pipes, especially those that run through exterior walls and unheated areas, should also be wrapped with insulation. There are many options available, but foam is one of the easiest and most affordable.

Focus on safety

Battling ice and snow is part of living through winter in Toronto. Fortunately, homeowners can take steps to protect their property—and their safety. Have a shovel, ice chipper, and de-icing salt on hand before the first snow fall arrives. When it comes to the latter, be aware that there are plenty of eco and pet-friendly solutions on the market. Once winter hits, be sure to maintain a clear path to your front door. A little extra work can go a long way toward preventing slips and falls!

Winter in the GTA can take a toll on a house, but it doesn’t have to. By taking a few preparatory steps, you can ensure that you and your home are ready for the months ahead!

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