What Every Seller Should Know About Home Inspections

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If you’re planning to sell your home, it’s important to understand the role of home inspections in the process. Home inspections are an essential part of any real estate transaction, and they can help both buyers and sellers make informed decisions about a property. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what every seller should know about home inspections, including how much they cost, who pays for them, what’s covered in the inspection, and why they’re important.

Cost of Home Inspections

The cost of a home inspection can vary depending on the location of the property, the size of the home, and the inspector’s experience. On average, a home inspection can cost between $300 to $500. However, the cost can go up if additional services are needed, such as mold or radon testing. Some inspectors may charge more if the home is older or if there are additional structures on the property, like a detached garage or pool.

Who Pays for Home Inspections?

Typically, the buyer pays for the home inspection. However, in some cases, the seller may opt to have a pre-listing inspection done before putting the property on the market. A pre-listing inspection can help the seller identify any potential issues with the property that may come up during a buyer’s inspection. By fixing these issues beforehand, the seller can avoid any surprises and potentially speed up the sale process. If you work with us, we cover this cost for our sellers!

Getting a Home Inspection

Buyers usually hire a home inspector to evaluate the property during the due diligence period. The inspector will examine the property and provide a report that outlines any issues found during the inspection. It’s important to note that the inspector is not an appraiser and will not provide an estimate of the home’s value. However, they will evaluate the property’s condition and highlight any concerns that may impact the sale.

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What Is & What’s Not Covered in a Home Inspection?

A typical home inspection will cover the property’s exterior and interior, including the roof, foundation, electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling systems, and appliances. The inspector will check for structural issues, water damage, mold, and pests. They will also look for any safety hazards, such as faulty wiring or carbon monoxide leaks.

A home inspection is not a guarantee that the property is free from defects. There may be issues that the inspector cannot see, such as hidden mold or plumbing leaks behind walls. Additionally, the inspector will not look for code violations or cosmetic issues. If the buyer is concerned about these issues, they may want to hire a specialist or contractor to provide additional evaluations.

Why Get a Home Inspection?

Home inspections are essential for buyers because they provide a comprehensive evaluation of the property’s condition. They can help buyers make informed decisions about purchasing a property and may provide leverage for negotiations. 

Are Pre-Listing Inspections Worth It?

Pre-listing inspections can be a valuable tool for sellers. By identifying any issues with the property beforehand, sellers can address them and potentially avoid any surprises during a buyer’s inspection. This can lead to a smoother sale process and potentially increase the property’s value. Additionally, having a pre-listing inspection report available can help build trust with potential buyers and demonstrate transparency.

Home inspections are an essential part of any real estate transaction. As a seller, understanding the role of home inspections in the sale process can help you make informed decisions about the property and potentially speed up the sale. By addressing any issues with the property beforehand, you can increase the property’s value and build trust with potential buyers.

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