We’re in one of real estate’s favorite selling and buying seasons, so here are a few tips you can use for a successful move. We know, it’s a lot of work! These moving guidelines can make the job a little easier on you and your family.


Get Rid Of Things You Just Have No Use For.
One thing you’ll notice when you’re moving and packing everything is the amount of belongings you had! You’ll most490624619_7cf971aa8d_b likely be surprised at all the things you own and most of the things you probably don’t even remember buying. Packing is like a form of spring cleaning though, and moving can give you an opportunity to start fresh in your new home – which means getting rid of the things you don’t need and keeping only the essentials. Having less things to pack gives you less work, more space and can even reduce the costs of moving. You can have a friendly garage sale for the local neighborhood and sell your old belongings or donate them.


Establish A Packing System
There are many rooms in a home, and even if you live in a smaller home, it’s a lot to take on multiple rooms, so consider putting in a system in place where everyone is responsible for a specific room – this way you can be more organized.


Label Everything
It’s an exciting moment when you finally get all your boxes, suitcases and furniture into your new home and it’s time to start fresh. But when you’re in need of something and you don’t remember which suitcase or box you put specific belongings in, that’s when things aren’t too pretty. Think ahead and label every single box and suitcase for easy retrieval. It’s also good to label things that are fragile such as china, statuettes, etc., so whoever is moving the box is extra careful.



Plan Ahead – Contact Movers And The Right Transportation
Find the right movers based on your needs and your price range and keep them in the loop. It’s important that they 5752494772_b0a51e7aaf_bknow what to expect. Especially when it comes to overweight items such as a piano, a fridge – they’ll also need to know whether you need help in disassembling furniture. Also, notify the movers of the distance to where you’re moving to and the size of the new home. The contents of most houses can be moved in a 24’-26’ truck, but if you’re moving into a condo the truck can be at about 16’.


Notify All The Right People And Organizations About Your Move
Now that your address is going to be different there are some organizations and people you’ll want to inform. Such as government related organizations; changing the address for your driver’s license and vehicle registration. Inform the IRS, Insurance Company, Medical and Educational Facilities, Current Employer, etc.


Give Yourself Time
Moving and packing is not the easiest thing in the world, so to avoid any additional stress, give yourself plenty of time before the move. The sooner you get your packing done, the less stress is left on your shoulders. And it’ll also give you more time to host a garage sale for any excess belongings.

Moving into a new home is an exciting moment in life. By following these steps, we hope the potential stress of moving is eased.

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