No doubt about it: moving into a new home can be hectic. With so much going on, many buyers are slow to get set up for life in a new house or condo. If you’ll be moving soon, don’t make that mistake! Taking the right steps early on can help you avoid a whole lot of stress down the line.

Here are five things you should do after you move to ensure a smooth transition…

1) Spread the word

From the CRA to your bank to the family members who send you Christmas cards, there are a whole lot of folks who should be aware of your new place of residence. While setting up a forwarding address is helpful, notifying those who need to know about your move individually will help ensure that your bases are covered. Ideally, you should do this ahead of time—but things don’t always work out that way. That’s why it’s best to take stock of who you’ve told (and who you haven’t) shortly after you move in.

2) Get secure

One of the first things you’ll want to do once the moving trucks are gone is change the locks in your home. While it’s unlikely that a past homeowner will ever let themselves inside, there’s no way of knowing who might have a spare key. You may also want to consider whether you wish to install a security system, and do a quick inspection of your windows and doors to ensure they close and lock properly. Taking these simple steps will allow you to sleep soundly in your new digs!

3) Familiarize yourself

Part of feeling at home is getting familiar with your new living space. Do you know where your electrical service panel is? Do you have quick access to the keys for the shed? Now is the time to get the lay of the land. If you’re new to the neighbourhood, you might also want to do some exploring. Once you know where you’ll be grabbing your morning coffee (and how to get to the post office, and the fastest route to the closest emergency vet), you’ll be well on your way to feeling like part of the community.

4) Keep everyone safe

When it comes to peace of mind, making sure your home is secure is only half the battle. You’ll also want to ensure that your indoor space is as safe as possible. If you have toddlers (or mischievous dogs, for that matter), now is the time to spot and neutralize potential dangers. Does the pantry or cleaning cupboard door have a hard time staying shut? Will you need electrical outlet protectors or safety gates to keep little ones away from potential hazards? Answering these questions should be one of the first things you do after you move in.

5) Think about repainting

You may not have noticed the off-white walls of your new home when you toured it. But now that you’ll be living inside, it’s time to give them a bit more thought. Would you be happier with a blush-toned bathroom or a robin’s egg blue kitchen? If so, you may want to start painting—before your furniture is all laid out and you’ve done all your unpacking. Few things can make your house or condo feel like your own the way a fresh coat of paint can!

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