4 Reasons Why Downtown Toronto Condo Living is Awesome

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When it comes to owning a home in a city as busy as Toronto, there are pros and cons for every type of property, especially Downtown Toronto Condo Living . From townhouses, single family homes, and condos, there are quite a few different types of properties for sale on the market.

In Toronto’s west end, many of the homes we work with are detached and semi-detached. While they may have that extra bit of square footage, they also come with a lot of drawbacks — and more often than not, buyers find themselves paying extra for those inconveniences.

While we do love our single family homes, we also love the practicality, affordability, and lifestyle benefits that come with living in a downtown Toronto condo too. Living in a freestanding home isn’t for everybody, which is why we love helping clients in the downtown condo market as well.

To find out about some of our favourite aspects of living in a condo downtown, read our four reasons why downtown Toronto condo living is awesome in the list below.

Unbeatable Locations

No matter what way you swing it, stand-alone houses take up a lot of space. Whether they’re fully detached, semi-detached, or townhouses, single family homes are almost always grouped away together in designated residential neighbourhoods tucked away from the action of downtown life.

However, by living in a downtown Toronto condo, you can expect all the action and excitement of the downtown lifestyle right at the foot of your door. When it comes to location, condo builds are almost impossible to beat. Often located right along main streets and busy shopping districts, everything you could ever need or want is close by when you live in a downtown Toronto condo.

Awesome Amenities

Not all condo buildings are built the same, which is why it’s always worth it to check up on each building’s specific residents’ amenities. However, almost all modern downtown Toronto condos will have a few common amenities you can expect to find.

Between updated gym facilities, pools, saunas, spas, shared patio spaces, storage lockers, outdoor gardens, and concierge and security services, there are plenty of awesome amenities available to downtown Toronto condo owners these days. Each building should have an easily accessible list of amenities available for interested buyers online, though a qualified real estate agent should always present you with those details right away.

Less Maintenance

What you may give up in terms of backyard and garden space by living in a downtown Toronto condo, you more than make up for in fewer maintenance tasks. Just think of the last time you wished you didn’t have to go outside in a Toronto winter and shovel a driveway, or rake up leaves in the fall, or mow a lawn in the summer. We even get sick of taking out the garbage bins to the sidewalk and back every week. Now imagine all of that just magically went away… that’s what life is like in a downtown Toronto condo.

Additionally, if issues do arise within your downtown Toronto condo unit — like plumbing, electrical, or heating and ventilation issues — they are addressed and covered by your condo building association. Owners are entitled to this level of service by paying monthly building fees, which are used to maintain and update issues within the building.

Practical Prices

Although you can expect to pay a premium price for almost any piece of property in Toronto (including park spaces), condos are generally much less expensive than free-standing homes. While you may enjoy less square footage and outdoor space in a downtown Toronto condo, you certainly save on total cost and average price per square foot.

If you are a first-time homebuyer, entering the Toronto real estate market by buying a condo is the easiest and most accessible route to take. Entry points are lower in cost and there will probably be much more available in your preferred neighbourhood due to the density of units within a condo building.

Are you interested in owning a downtown Toronto condo? We are Toronto real estate experts and can help you find and buy the downtown Toronto condo unit of your dreams. To start your search, reach out to a member of our team here today!