Old Mill Walking Trail

Torontonians are always eager to get outside as summer approaches, and that’s especially true this year. Social distancing has left many of us feeling cooped up, and forays into nature are a welcome escape. Fortunately, there are some real hidden outdoor gems here in the west end. One of our favourites is a stretch known to many as the Old Mill Walking Trail. For outdoorsy types, this gorgeous walk is a local go-to.

If you’re interested in exploring the trail that’s accessible from Old Mill Station, here’s what you should know…

The Discovery Walk

The “Old Mill Walking Trail” is a name that many West Toronto residents have given to a local stretch of one of the city’s most beautiful Discovery Walks. Not familiar with the concept? The City of Toronto has put together a series of walks through some of our most stunning landscapes and vistas. The one we’re talking about here is the Humber River, Old Mill & Marshes Walk.

Starting at Old Mill Station, you’ll begin your journey. First, you’ll pass the historic Old Mill and its accompanying bridge. Then, you’ll continue through the Humber River Valley, passing by gorgeous marshes, parks, and expanses of water. The whole walk takes place on a loop, and you’ll turn around at the Queensway.

What to expect

When it comes to must-see attractions, start with the Old Mill. There were mills at this site in 1793, and the ruins of one remain here today. The stone bridge is also well worth your attention!

When you find yourself walking along Riverside Drive, take a moment to think about the historic land you’re treading. This section is known as Carrying Place Trail, and it traces a trade route that was used by First Nations people for centuries. Many of the mature trees here are well over a hundred years old.

You’ll also want to take in some of the spectacular views of the Humber River and marshes. This natural habitat is home to an incredible variety of birds, fish, butterflies, turtles, and more! Lastly, watch out for the sand dune that marks where the Lake Ontario shoreline once began. Not far away, there was an early French trading fort and merchant’s cabin.

Things to keep in mind

If you decide to tackle the Humber River, Old Mill & Marshes Walk, the trip will take you about two hours. The terrain is smooth, but be aware that there are a few slopes to contend with. You’ll also find some paved sections along the way. Overall, it’s a fairly straightforward walk.

While there’s not much parking nearby, the commute to Old Mill Station along the Bloor-Danforth subway line is an easy one. If you live in the area, getting to the trail on foot is your best bet. So fill up a water bottle, throw on some comfortable shoes, and start exploring one of the most beautiful walks in all of Toronto!

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