Mortgages are not an easy thing, but there are now new apps to help better understand the complexity of the mortgage process. Here is a list of a few of the most current mortgage apps you can take with you when buying a new home.

The Canadian Mortgage App

This app is totally recommended by homebuyers and mortgage specialists and is available for Androids, BlackBerries and iOS platforms. The Canadian Mortgage App is filled with information and rates to help you calculate what you need – from fixed rates, variable rates, income factors, and more. It even calculates first-time home buyer rebates and land transfer taxes. More features that this app includes are an affordability calculator, graphs, and a database of local

Ready Set Home 

This app, which is available also for Androids, BlackBerries and iOS, provides mortgage loan insurance to help you figure out what you can afford and it also has a wide range of terminology explained to eliminate any confusion. Not only does this app help determine what you can afford, it also offers next step advice for homeowners

Simple Canadian Mortgage Calculator

Available for iOS platforms, this app performs calculations using Bank of Canada rates to get you your quick answer. It also calculates interest semi-annually and annually.

The Banks

 Nowadays, many banks also offer mobile applications when in need of a basic mortgage calculator. Even most bank website offer a mortgage calculator.

If you’re getting the hang of these apps and enjoy them, then you can even install an app after you’ve moved into your new home.


Home Decorating

Looking to decorate your home? These are companies that offer applications that let you shop for furniture and decorate digitally, by placing items around your home. For example, Ikea offers a Living Room 3D app using their products. Another one is Houzz Interior Design Ideas where you can take a photo of any room in your home and insert items from a digital catalog. These apps are great for creating an idea as to what you want your interior decor to look like.




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