As the warm weather comes to a close and summer ends, many homeowners start to wonder whether they should sell their home now or wait until the spring. The answer is that there is still plenty of time to find a buyer before the end of the year. Real estate is being sold 365 days a year!

Here are some benefits of selling your home in the fall…

1. Close before the tax year ends

Closing typically takes one to two months after signing an agreement. This means if sellers want to sell their home before the calendar year ends, they should consider listing in October to help ensure a before the end of the year closing.

2. Buyers are more serious

More often than not, buyers who look for homes in the fall months are more serious than spring and summer buyers. This is because many buyers start to feel the pressure of making a move before the holidays or before we are hit with some bad weather. This is especially true in Canada, as a storm is bound to happen when December rolls around!

3. Less competition

As the end of the year approaches, options for buyers tend to shrink. Fortunately for you, this means you have more bargaining power when it comes to closing dates and prices, as buyers are competing in a smaller housing market.

4. Fall decor is cozy

Often times having the right decor in your home when selling can really boost your home’s appeal. Tasteful fall decor such as pumpkins, wreaths, foliage and festive centrepieces can allow buyers to picture themselves and their families in your home.


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