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Brown’s Sports and Cycle Co. – Our Fave’ Village Shops and Spots

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Brown’s Sports and Cycle Co. is a staple sports and cycle shop in the Bloor West Village. The place has been around since 1929, and has some of the best selection of bicycles, sports equipment, and athletic wear anywhere in Toronto!

Brown’s Sports and Cycle Co. is easily accessible, located right at Bloor St. W. and Jane St, steps from Jane Station.

If you’re looking for a great deal on a bicycle, you’ve found it! Their incredibly extensive inventory and selection allows Brown’s to price their products competitively.

Since this year’s cycling season is coming to an end, you can find yourself locking up a great deal on one of these beauties:

Or, if you want to stay indoors, get the full experience of hitting the road, and intensely training to beat you competition while they sit at home waiting for next season, Brown’s offers a terrific set of trainers like these:

Also, no need to worry about finding the right cycling gear, it’s all right here (at great prices, of course):

Oh, did we mention this place has a ridiculous selection of tennis, squash and badminton racquets? They will set you up…

Last but not least, we can’t forget about their wide selection of Court and cycle shoes…

Overall, Brown’s is a one stop shop for all of your sports and cycle needs, so drop in today for a great deal and some awesome service!

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