ShopWestTO2Win: Our Latest Pro-Local Contest

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At Sidorova Inwood, one of our pillars of success we value most of all is all about community. More specifically, how we engage, interact, and give back to the ones that have welcomed us throughout our careers.

As you know, we love nothing more than to champion Toronto’s west end. However, we know that we can do much more than just help our amazing real estate clients buy and sell homes. We are also here to help promote and grow our local community.

That’s why we’re hoping to make a real impact on the neighbourhoods we live, work, and play in by launching our brand new pro-local competition — ShopWestTO2Win!

To learn more about this exciting contest and how it can help you, your west end community, and many small local businesses win BIG prizes, read our guide here!

Prefer to learn about our contest via video? Listen to Sidorova Inwood Team Leader Michael Inwood describe the contest on our YouTube channel here!

Our New Contest

Introducing Sidorova Inwood’s very own ShopWestTO2Win contest. We’ve organized this pro-local competition to help give back to four of our favourite local west end communities — The Junction, Baby Point, Bloor West Village, and Roncesvalles — or more specifically, the residents and small businesses within them.

The rules are simple: between September 20 and October 31, we’ll be rewarding local businesses and their customers within our four chosen west end neighbourhoods with weekly cash prizes. And the best part is, all you have to do to enter for a chance to win is to go shopping!

Every time you shop at a local small business in The Junction, Baby Point, Bloor West Village, or Roncesvalles, you’ll be entered into our weekly draw. Each week, a winning entrant will be selected by us and both them and the small business they shopped at will both win a generous cash prize.

Our aim with the ShopWestTO2Win contest is to engage with our local community and reward some of our most deserving small businesses. Because we’ve successfully worked in these neighbourhoods for so long, we want to give back to the communities that have given us so much with this little token of appreciation.

Learn more about the four west end neighbourhoods we’re spotlighting with our competition by reading through our comprehensive neighbourhood guides here!

How To Play

Here’s how to enter our weekly Shop West TO 2 Win contest:

  1. Go out and support your favourite local businesses in one of our four chosen west end neighbourhoods. Shop locally, shop well, and make sure to hold on to your receipts!
  2. After your shop, upload photos of your receipts to the official competition website at to register for our weekly draw.

Learn more about the contest on our official ShopWes TO2 Win website here, where you can read through the complete set of rules and submit competition entries!

Every receipt of $25 or more will earn you one entry — that means, the more you shop locally, the better your odds of winning are! Alternatively, submitting a Google review of a local west end business of your choice within The Junction, Baby Point, Bloor West Village, or Roncesvalles will also earn you one entry ballot.

Please note, however, that we’ll be limiting entries to one per retailer per day. This is to prevent our entrants from visiting the same business over and over again for more chances to win. Similarly, entrants are limited to seven Google Reviews per week for no purchase entries.

The idea here is to ensure many of our local businesses across The Junction, Baby Point, Bloor West Village, and Roncesvalles benefit from our competition, and to provide them with real opportunities to help them grow and develop.

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Our Fantastic Prizes

The winnings, you ask? Every week, we’ll be giving away two separate prizes of $1,000! Our two lucky winners will both earn $500 to keep for themselves, with the other $500 going directly to the local business that issued the winning entry’s receipt or received the winning entry’s Google review.

During our final week of the competition (October 24 to 31) though, the prizes change — big time. Our final Grand Prize will be $2,000, all of which is the winner’s to keep! No splitting or sharing this one — it’s all yours if you’re lucky enough to win it.

For entrants who have participated in a minimum of three of the previous six weekly draws, you’ll be automatically qualified for the Grand Prize draw, which will happen on November 2nd.

No matter which west end Toronto neighbourhood our clients are based in, we always aim to provide them with the very best real estate service available. See how we’ve helped countless west end residents achieve their real estate goals by reading our clients’ Reviews For Our Team here!