For home sellers, there are many advantages to putting a home on the market during the warmer seasons. For one, there tends to be an influx of buyers who kick their searches into high gear when the weather is nice. For another, spring and summer are ideal times to create curb appeal—which can come in handy if you’re trying to draw in some of those seasonal home hunters. Unfortunately, many sellers believe that beautifying a property has to be costly. The good news, it doesn’t.

If you’re hoping to make a successful spring or summer sale, try these five affordable curb appeal tips to maximize your home’s attractiveness…

Make your surfaces sparkle

Before you have the inside of your home staged, a thorough cleaning is absolutely necessary. What many sellers don’t know is that a clean exterior can do just as much to impress potential buyers. Start by looking at any concrete or brick surfaces on or around your home (like your steps, walkway, or siding). While these surfaces are bound to collect a bit of dirt, caked-on grime and mildew can really build up over the years. Cleaning them up can make your home look brighter and more inviting. For a cost-effective solution, consider renting a power washer from your local home reno store.

Next up, look at your wooden surfaces. Is your home’s trim chipped or fading? What about your wooden deck or patio—has it seen better days? Retouching paint or adding a new coat of stain can go a long way towards making your property look brand new.

Do some landscaping

One of the best (and most affordable) ways to boost your curb appeal is by giving your landscaping a bit of extra care and attention. Start with your lawn. Unfortunately, weather conditions can have a major impact on the way your grass looks. On the upside, getting it into tip-top condition won’t cost you a bundle. You may need a few things—like some fertilizer, a bag of mulch, or a new sprinkler system. Ask a lawn care expert for advice if you need it.

Well-cared-for trees and shrubs can also improve the overall appearance of your property. If your greenery is getting a bit unruly, trim it to give it a more uniform appearance. Don’t forget that seasonal flowers can help your home stand out! Make your gardens pop with a bit of extra colour, or place a few planters near your entranceway for added visual interest.

It’s all in the details

You may not have the budget to overhaul your home’s exterior. But a few small, relatively inexpensive upgrades can help ensure that it looks better than it ever has. Take a look at your hardware. Old doorknobs, locks, and house numbers can make your home look dated. Try swapping out those eyesores for sleeker versions. Simple, modern finishes like stainless steel or brushed metal are great options—and you can find them in most department stores at reasonable prices. The same goes for your porch light fixtures.

Pro tip: if you can’t afford to repaint your siding, you might want to consider adding a fresh coat to your front door. Your entrance is one of your house’s major focal points, and it deserves a bit of TLC. Don’t be afraid of colour—from periwinkle blue to mandarin orange, an attention-grabbing hue is sure to make buyers take note.

Creating curb appeal is one of the most cost-effective ways to make your property more attractive to buyers—whatever your budget. With a bit of effort and some expert advice, you can give your home’s exterior a quick and easy makeover that buyers will love.

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