Cherry Blossoms

It’s the news West Enders, tourists and Instagramers have been fearing – High Park’s main spring attraction, the popular cherry blossoms won’t reach their peak bloom this year. Devastating, right?

Yes, the weather has been less than ideal and with Victoria Day right around the corner no one’s packing their bathing suit for a weekend away but the market has really been heating up over the past few weeks.

This isn’t new or surprising but nothing is sitting for long. Houses are flying off the market in the snap of a finger and buyers are getting top dollar.

Here’s a look at our most recent sales. It’s hard to think of a time in recent memory where there has been this much interest in homes in the area and the prices are reflecting that.

38 Birchview Cr sold for $420,000+ over asking in 2 days

38 Birchview

326 Kennedy Ave sold for $310,000+ over asking in 1 day

326 Kennedy

308 Indian Gr. sold for $160,000+ over asking in 2 days to our own client

308 Indian

Still on the fence about selling? Don’t be.

In the spirit of the first long weekend of the warmer months, we always get asked: Is it a bad idea to have an open house on the long weekend and take offers on the Tuesday/Wednesday after?

This is a buyers dream. People have been cooped up for too long and have been counting the minutes until they can punch their ticket out of the city. You’re not going to get a good turnout and when it’s offer time you run the risk of getting less than what you would have had you waited. Hold out until the following week if you can.

In the news: An interesting development for the real estate industry this week – The Toronto Real Estate Board is going to be required to make details on past selling prices of properties on MLS more easily available to the public.

This is a great thing! Buying a house is a big investment so why shouldn’t you have access to past selling prices? Agents can give buyers all the details they need to make the right choice that suits their needs but there’s something about being able to dig in and do some in-depth research yourself. It gives you that added assurance.


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