Mother’s Day 2021

For the second year running, Mother’s Day celebrations will, unfortunately, be met with frustrating lockdown restrictions. Although it feels like forever since we’ve last been able to spend Mother’s Day in person with the mothers and mother figures in our lives, we’re not letting a little social distancing get in the way of making them feel special.

Mother’s Day 2021 falls on Sunday, May 9th this year, which gives us a little bit of time to plan out a meaningful gesture for our deserving mothers out there. Whether it’s something big or small, a token of recognition and appreciation always goes a long way.

As the saying goes, ‘it’s the thought that counts’, so don’t feel upset that you aren’t able to celebrate Mother’s Day 2021 to its full potential. Instead, look through our list of ways you can celebrate Mother’s Day 2021 from a safe and responsible distance here.

Send Her Some Flowers

You might think that year after year of being relied upon, the good old-fashioned flower delivery might go out of style — but not in the eyes of our mothers. There’s something about flowers that will always touch the hearts of mothers, and when all it takes to organize a special delivery is a few clicks of a button, it’s the perfect gift to give from a distance too.

Some of our favourite flower shops we can recommend to you for prompt and reliable delivery ahead of Mother’s Day 2021 are The Flower Room which is right next door to our office at Jane and Annette,  Lemon & Lavender in Bloor West Village, and Sweetpea’s in Roncesvalles.

Do Brunch In A Box

Although you might not be able to take your Mom out for brunch at a fancy restaurant this Mother’s Day 2021, it doesn’t mean you can’t still do brunch together.

Try your best to remember a few of your Mom’s favourite portable foods and put them all together in a festively decorated basket or box for her. Hand deliver the basket safely to her doorstep yourself or choose a park where you can share brunch boxes together from a safe distance.

If you’re not sure what to include in your brunch box, a few perennial fan favourites among mothers are cheese and crackers, charcuterie, olives and almonds, her favourite fresh fruit, and perhaps a bottle of prosecco for mimosas, if you’re so inclined.

Show Her Off On Social Media

Have some fun pictures of you and your mother in your photo library? Or perhaps a few just of her where she looks especially pretty? It’s time to show off your mother on social media.

Whether she’s active on Facebook, Instagram, or any social media platform at all, you can show off just how proud you are of your Mom by putting together a social media post or story dedicated to her.

Our tips for putting together a meaningful post for Mother’s Day 2021? Make sure you include the best photos you have of your Mom, preferably with you both in them together and that feature lots of smiles. Oh, and don’t forget to tag her!

Host A Virtual Celebration

While we hope it’s the last year we need to observe the big day digitally, keeping things online is a safe and sensible way of celebrating this Mother’s Day 2021. Luckily for us, we’ve gotten pretty good at maneuvering through meetings and events on platforms like Google Hangouts and Zoom over the past year.

If you’ve got a tech-savvy Mom, we suggest coordinating a virtual celebration with her on May 9th and inviting all the friends and loved ones that would make her happiest to see too.

Give Her A Call

It might be hard to believe, but before the time of Zoom and social media, people actually used to pick up the phone and call each other on special occasions. Just because we’re in the digital age doesn’t mean we can’t roll back the years and give Mom a call to cheer up her spirits on Mother’s Day 2021.

It doesn’t need to be a long call, just long enough to tell your Mom how much she means to you and to wish her a happy Mother’s Day. Her hearing your voice loud and clear through the phone always means a lot to her, trust us.

At Sidorova Inwood, we count ourselves extremely lucky to be a Mother-Son team, especially when we get to help fellow families in the west end achieve their family real estate dreams. If you need some real estate help from a family-friendly team of west end locals, contact us here.


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