We are sure you have heard it many times before, winter is not the best time to sell homes. The weather gets freezing, the roads are snowy and slippery. It is definitely common that people are not excited to go out and house hunt. But homes are still on the market during the winter and people are buying! And we have some tips on how to maximize your home’s showing potential during the rough cold months!


Do not let winter get in the way – Not many people get too excited at the idea of stepping out of their warm environment and going out in the freezing weather to look at multiple homes. So, if you are selling your home, make the experience a comfortable one for buyers. Make sure your driveway is shoveled, salted and clear. Not only the driveway to the home but try to shovel your sidewalks as well. The more snow-free access to your front door, the better!

Get the right temperature
– Even if you love winter, feeling cold is not pleasant. Most buyers are visiting several houses, so coming to a home that is warm and cozy definitely wins some brownie points and leaves buyers feeling more comfortable.

Bright Lighting – The sun sets just before 5 PM in the winter, making it feel as though days are much shorter. Usually, during the winter months, there is not as much natural light.  Make sure all the lights are on when buyers come to view your home. This sets a great mood and takes away from the rough short, wintery days going on outside.

Be Prepared – Make sure your home is ready for the winter conditions that buyers bring along with them; snow, slush, you name it. Prepare an absorbent mat right by the doorway for buyers to take off their shoes, be creative and get “shoes off” signs, make sure you have a designated hanger for coats, scarves, and hats.

Pet Ready – As we know, when coming home we can sometimes bring the weather inside. With our coats and boots all drenched, wetness and our pets are not the best combination. Be sure to keep your furry friends groomed. If buyers are not comfortable with pets around, take them to one of the bedrooms to be out of the spotlight.



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