There’s a lot to think about when you’re putting your home on the market, especially if you have pets. On top of the regular concerns—such as finding the right agent, setting the ideal price, and staging for maximum appeal—there are a few unique considerations that sellers with cats and dogs should be aware. First and foremost, remember that not every buyer will love your furry friend as much as you do. It’s important to keep the preferences of these home hunters in mind during the home-preparation stage.

If you’re a pet owner who’s gearing up to sell your property, here are a few tips to ensure that the process goes smoothly…

Assess your landscaping

There’s no question that dogs can be hard on a lawn. So if your pets are of the canine variety, be sure to inspect the exterior of your property before you plant that “for sale” sign. Dog waste is a huge turnoff for buyers, as is the patchy and discoloured grass that can result. Luckily, giving your yard a bit of TLC can help ensure that it’s green and healthy looking when home buyers come calling. If you need any help, consult a lawn care expert at your local gardening store.

Scour your living space

For pet owners, there’s no getting around it. No matter how often you clean, there’s bound to be some hair, stains, and odours lurking somewhere. Part of preparing your home for sale is finding these messes—and taking care of them asap.

For shedding, don’t underestimate the power of a thorough vacuuming. Of course, it’s harder to pick up hair from some fabrics than others. Fortunately, a lint brush or roller can be extremely helpful on most types of upholstery. When it comes to stubborn messes, try a stain remover designed specifically for pets (OUT! And Nature’s Miracle make good ones with odour-busting components). You can also try soaking stains with vinegar, then sprinkling them with baking soda. Let the mixture sit for a day or two before vacuuming.

Relocate your pets

It’s natural to miss your beloved pets when they’re away. That said, relocating them is an important part of the selling process. First off, during the period when buyers are viewing your home, it’s important to keep it in show-ready condition. It’s difficult to do that with pets around. Not only that, but some people just aren’t animal lovers. For buyers who fall into this category, the presence of a dog or cat could be very disruptive during a viewing.

If you’re fortunate enough to know someone who wouldn’t mind caring for your four-legged friend, consider asking them for help. If you can’t think of anyone, there are also plenty of pet sitters, boarding services, and dog and cat hotels across the city. A quick internet search should turn up some great options near you—and plenty of reviews to help you make your decision.

Store all pet-related products

It’s not just the physical presence of a pet that can make some buyers hesitate. Items such as kennels, litter boxes, toys, and pet food can immediately call to mind the damage that pets can do to a home. For this reason, it’s a good idea to stow these items out of sight. Remember that most home hunters will open cabins and drawers, so it’s best to find a place to store your pet-care gear outside of your home.

There’s no doubt that selling a home can be more complicated when you have a dog or cat. Fortunately, with a little bit of planning, you can ensure that your home is appealing to as many buyers as possible—including those who would rather not be reminded of your pets.

Thinking of selling your home—with or without pets? No matter your selling circumstances, we can help you prepare. Reach out to learn more today!


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