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If you’re looking for an incredibly healthy, tasty alternative to fast food in the Bloor West Village, look no further – High Park Juicery is here! (245A Kennedy Ave.)

With their deliciously healthy Juices, Smoothies and Salads, High Park Juicery is bringing a healthy kick into the village.

Want to brighten up your day and get a heavy dose of vitamins and nutrients? Go for one of their uniquely blended juices… and on a side note, they’ve come up with some clever names 😉

Want some Vitamin C, Fibre, and Potassium in your diet? Try one of their incredible Beet blends!

If you need a bite and want something a bit on the lighter side, High Park Juicery has you covered as well! With a variety of salads on the menu, the friendly staff will eliminate your hunger the healthy way! Take a look at this salad menu:

If you need a kick of energy but don’t want to keep chugging coffee or energy drinks, High Park Juicery has an alternative that will certainly wake you up – with a bit of ginseng, lemon and ginger, of course!

High Park Juicery’s mission is to help you achieve an energetic, and healthy lifestyle.  They also have a holistic nutritionist on board, and she will be happy to help educate and answer any questions regarding your health. So, come in for a smoothie today 🙂

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