There’s no doubt maintaining your house can be costly. So what if you’re feeling the need to spruce your place up without hitting your pocket book too hard? The obvious #1 DIY thing for a quick facelift is a fresh coat of paint that can change the look and feel of your house inside and out.

Complete re-paint not in the cards?

A lot of our clients don’t have a tonne of time to spare so these easy, inexpensive upgrades will make a difference, whether you’re selling or just looking for a refresh.

New Furniture…. Kind Of

New furniture is expensive. Ever heard of chalk paint? Instead of throwing your dated pieces to the curb, give them new life by throwing on a coat or two – the key here is no priming or sanding is needed and you can choose from a variety of colours and finishes. The transformation you’ll notice will be quick and dramatic. You won’t even recognize that old coffee table!

Install New Light Fixtures

Swap your ceiling fan or old light fixture for something new and modern. Summer is right around the corner and with a ceiling fan, potential buyers might question the air circulation in your house, not to mention more light comes from the fixture vs. the fan.

Paint Your Front Door

Without a doubt the most impactful. When’s the last time you drove by a house and said “remember that house with the awesome grey door?” – Never. Simply throwing on a coat of a vibrant, bright colour like red can make your entrance memorable and give your home that wow factor.

Install New House Numbers

Sticking to the front of the house. People often overlook adding new, eye-catching house numbers. They can make a big difference and will be a nice compliment to your colourful door. Check out Restoration Hardware for some stylish options.

Set The Mood With Dimmers

Instead of having your guests feel like they’re stuck in a bright room when they come over for a dinner party, install a dimmer switch. That way you can make the mood more intimate, save on energy and even get dimmers that match the colour of your walls or trim.

Add Floating Shelves

How can you organize your space without adding more storage? Add floating wall-mount shelves. They’re slick and help keep things tidy without cluttering up your precious floor space.

If you keep up with these kinds of small but important upgrades to your house, when it comes time to sell, you won’t be scrambling to do everything at once.


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  1. Man, I LOVE the idea of painting my front door as way to give my home a face lift. I have a few friends with cute, painted doors and it seriously makes all the difference. I am going to look into painting our door to easily update our home! Thanks for the great idea!

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