Any professional will tell you, as the seller, that when you’re getting your home ready to sell, you have to try to look at everything from the buyer’s perspective. And this is true. You need to imagine what a buyer may be thinking when viewing your home, so you can prepare your home as effectively as you can for the sale.

Put yourself in a buyer’s position and you may wonder:

-How old is the property – is there anything major that needs to be replaced ASAP? Such as a furnace?

– Are there any repairs or maintenance issues that need to be addressed?

-Are the rooms spacious enough for our needs?

-Will this home fit our lifestyle? Is there a designated area for everything? Enough room for entertaining our family?

Quite frankly, the more you anticipate such questions and prepare your home accordingly, the better the chances that you will sell your home. In fact, while there are definitely many more questions that will pop up into a buyer’s head, the one’s listed are really common ones and can be tackled with the right cleaning, decorating and fixing.

A Few Tips

Creating a list of features or areas that need maintenance work or some fixing is a good start. The last thing that buyers want to think of when they purchase a home is how much more money they have to put into fixing it.

A clean and bright home is a key ingredient to making a great first impression on home buyers. Research has found that 95% of home viewers make a beeline for windows to check out the view of the street and neighbourhood – so, clean and luminous windows are critical. Research has also shown that 75% of viewers also take notice of distinctive and original items within houses such as fireplaces. If your home has any special features or details, try to highlight and showcase them. De-cluttering is another must for your home; Clutters make spaces look smaller!

Finally, if your house is in a desirable neighbourhood, create a list of area features to help buyers appreciate the value of living in the home; local parks, walking paths, fantastic dining spots, etc.

Putting yourselves in the shoes of a buyer will help you think like a buyer when looking at your home! But don’t stress! If you’re selling with The Sidorova Inwood Team, we have you covered and will walk you through all the things that need to be completed to make your home a buyer’s dream. 


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