Get ready for some delicious dim sum, Bloor West Village! Bao Bao is here!

For those who don’t know, Bao is a type of steamed, Chinese bun that’s filled with your choice of meat, or veggies. Although most traditionally filled with minced pork, a bao can be stuffed with just about any sort of flavor combination!

Creating this sort of “high end Chinese food” can be a complicated process, but Bao Bao figured it out! Everything from making and steaming the dough, to gently filling it with toppings takes time and precision, and the cooks at Bao Bao have it down to a science! These steamed buns will have you coming back again and again!

But that’s not the only thing Bao Bao is great at… Their pork and shrimp Siu Mai is mouth-watering as well! Siu Mai is basically a minced pork and shrimp dumpling. The experts at Bao Bao infuse these unique dumplings with herbs, spices and beautiful textures that you won’t see in regular Chinese restaurants.

You also have the option on getting $10 combos that are comprised of Shrimp or Pork Dumplings, Siu Mai, Noodles, rice, or fresh spring rolls. It’s a perfect lunch spot in our beloved Bloor West Village.

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