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When it comes to being a real estate agent, there are many different approaches to the job. From casual part-time agents to intensive brokerage leaders, the day-to-day duties of a professional real estate agent can change drastically. In 2020, however, every agent’s career experienced a drastic change.

With constraints on in-person meetings, open houses, negotiations, and traditional marketing methods, top Toronto real estate agents were forced to adjust their daily duties to accommodate “the new normal.”

To find out about how we’ve continued to provide our first-class real estate services to our clients across the city, read through our 2020-approved guide to “A Day in the Life of a Top Toronto Real Estate Agent” below.

Checking Emails

No matter what your job is, there’s a good chance that a large portion of your day is spent reading, writing, and sending emails.

Monitoring communications with clients, industry connections, and peers have always been an important part of the daily routine for top Toronto real estate agents. However, it has become an increasingly important part of our jobs this year, as face-to-face interactions have been severely limited.

As a result, basic administrative email duties like coordinating appointments, meetings, and showings with clients have become more integral. Additionally, distributing email marketing campaigns and newsletters, as well as responding to leads (often generated through client interactions with websites or social media accounts) is also more important than ever.

Going on Showings

As in-person interactions have become harder to coordinate, the top Toronto real estate agents have found digital solutions to traditional house showings this year. With a variety of different platforms and tools at their disposal, things like video home walkthroughs and virtual tours have proven invaluable to many agents.

While clients and prospective home buyers may not physically be able to accompany agents on showings, often times a virtual home tour is the best solution. Scheduled tours often entail the real estate agent virtually guiding potential buyers through a home while relaying information about the property in real-time through video and audio streams.

Closing Deals

When it’s time for agents to sit down at the negotiations table, phone calls and video meetings can only go so far. With the bulk of the home sale discussions being done through email, phone calls, and virtual conference meetings, a lot can still get done without needing to meet in-person.

However, in order to physically sign documents, meet with lawyers and bankers, and receive home keys, there does eventually need to be a personal meeting. When real estate agents close deals, it’s always worth it to allow enough time for all parties to ensure everything is up to standard and has been clearly outlined in contracts and agreements.

Posting to Social Media

When face-to-face communications with clients became almost impossible, the real estate industry needed to rely on social media more than it ever did before. To stay in touch with clients and keep them updated on the day-to-day happenings of the industry, most top Toronto real estate agents chose platforms like Instagram and Facebook to spread information about their businesses and reach audiences outside of their mailing list.

For that reason, a bigger portion of the modern workday for agents is spent updating social media profiles with need-to-know information for current and prospective clients. Things like new listings, staging projects, industry updates, and community guides have started populating the profiles of agents on social media in order to stay relevant and visible to their audiences.

Are you in need of some help from a top Toronto real estate agent? Our team’s quick adaptation to the “new normal” meant that we’ve been able to continue offering our best-in-class real estate services as safely and efficiently as ever before. To get in touch with a member of our team, click here.


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