Are you thinking of doing some remodelling? For most renovators, the process is about making a home more beautiful, convenient, or functional. While it’s true that loving your living space should be your top priority, it’s never a bad idea to think about the day when you’re going to sell. That means carefully considering which upgrades will likely add dollar value to your sale—and which ones almost certainly won’t.

If you want your next remodel to boost your future return, here are a few changes to think twice about…

1) Installing a pool

If you believe having an in-ground pool will lead to a higher sale price, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, this assumption rarely pays off. Often, buyers don’t want to deal with the extra maintenance and costs associated with a pool. Not everyone wants to pay for the additional insurance—or spend time skimming and cleaning the water. Of course, you (or your kids) might love taking a dip, which could make the installation worthwhile. Just don’t expect it to pay off when your property goes on the market.

2) Getting carpet put in

For years, we’ve been hearing that hardwood floors are the gold standard in any home. Alternatives like cork, bamboo, and tile have also become very popular. But some types of flooring are far less impressive to buyers, and carpeting is one of them. For this reason, you may want to think twice before making it part of your home overhaul—or at least limit how much of it you use. If you like some warmth and plushness underfoot, consider area rugs instead.

3) Extensive landscaping

We’re all for taking care of your lawn, planting tasteful greenery, and even redoing the back deck. An investment in your outdoor space can mean a better quality of life, and a much better return when you sell. That said, some homeowners go way overboard. Just as a pool often screams high maintenance, so too does a massive yet intricately-designed English garden. Your best bet is to take steps that boost your property’s visual appeal, without making too much work for potential home hunters.

4) Inconsistent upgrades

Have you been considering granite countertops in the kitchen? If so, ditch the peach linoleum vanity in the bathroom nearby. Thinking about putting brand new flooring in the master bedroom? Then that 70s carpet across the hall has got to go. While investing in one area of your home can beautify it significantly, it can also highlight those that are less-than-chic. The good news? You can sometimes get away with upgrading some parts of your living space and not others. Just make sure that they’re consistent on each storey (meaning it may be okay if the finishes in the basement are a little more rustic).

5) Overly-decorative lighting

Gorgeous light fixtures are like the cherry on top of your dessert. They may add a little something extra, but they’re not all that memorable. And if they are, you may have opted for design that’s a little too bold for many buyers. That’s why it’s often best to keep in simple (and modern) if you’re planning to sell in the not-too-distant future. Ornate fixtures can get pretty pricey, so they likely won’t be worthwhile if you’re not installing them solely for your own enjoyment.

While a beautiful remodelling job can lead to a higher sale price, it doesn’t always. If boosting your home value is part of the goal, think carefully about the changes you make—and ask a local agent if you have any questions about what your property is worth!

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